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Cookie policy

The website uses cookies to provide a better user experience and functionality. You can always set cookie settings in your web browser.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookie technology to be able to provide our online service, analyze the use of content, offer advertising solutions, as well as for other functionalities that we could not provide without using cookies. For a detailed list of cookies, see below. The data stored using cookies does not contain any personal details from which the identity of the user could be established.

What is a cookie and what is it for?

In the simplest terms, a cookie is a record that websites store in and/or receive from the memory of your device, through the web browser you use. For example, if you have chosen Croatian as the desired language of communication on a website, the information about your choice will be stored in the form of cookies. Most cookies have a shelf life, and each can be deleted or disabled in your browser settings.

In order to remember your settings, the use of cookies helps in the speed and security of accessing websites, and in many cases they are necessary for the normal display of content and the functioning of the website. The so-called first-party cookies contain the information of the website you access, and third-party cookies contain data from third-party services. For example, social media tools on articles to help you share articles.

What kind of cookies do we use?

Nesting uses cookie technology responsibly, in accordance with applicable national and European regulations, solely to improve your user experience and enable the provision of our services.

List of cookies we use does not use strictly required or functional cookies. We only use analytical cookies:

  1. Google Analytics Cookies – Analytics cookies such as Google Analytics KO allow you to identify and count users, as well as to collect information about how the website is used – for example, which websites users open most often and whether the user receives error notifications from individual websites). This helps us improve the operation of the website, for example, to ensure that you easily find everything you are looking for. The duration of these cookies may be more than one year or until removal in your web browser settings.

What types of cookies are there?

In order to better understand cookies and how to control them, you can find out below what types of cookies exist and which ones are used on the website.

First party cookies

Cookies installed on your device by the organization whose website you visit are known as “first party” cookies.

 Tthird party cookies

Cookies installed on your device by another organisation on the website you are visiting are known as “third party” cookies. An example of a “third party” cookie is a cookie set by a company specializing in website analytics (for example, Google Analytics) that provides the website owner with information about the number of people visiting it.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies remain stored on your device even after the internet browser is closed. With the help of these cookies, websites store data to make it easier for you to use them. For example, websites that require you to enter your username and password will remember your entry that will appear on each new visit.

Session cookies

Temporary cookies are removed from your device at the time of closing the internet browser in which you were browsing the website. With these cookies, the pages store temporary data that is used for its proper functioning.

Preventing cookies

If you do not agree to their use, you can easily delete (or prevent) cookies on your computer or mobile device using the settings of the browser you are using.

For more information about managing cookies, visit the website of the browser you are using or on Wikipedia.

Since the purpose of cookies is to improve and enable the use of our websites and their processes, please note that by preventing or deleting cookies, you can disable the functioning of these features or cause them to work differently and look differently in your browser.

Terms and changes

The terms of this Privacy Statement govern the use of cookies and any information collected during the application of the Statement, except for third-party cookies. Nesting reserves the right to modify this Cookie Statement and Policy at any time in order to transmit new important information and to be informed about the ways in which Nesting protects your data on its website. Consequently, we recommend that you periodically check for updates on this page.

Contact Information

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