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About us


We are Branka and Ines, proud mothers, friends, nature and travel lovers. Open and cheerful people who enjoy the company, but also extremely appreciate every free moment spent with family and friends. In life we are driven by intuition, challenges, and the desire to try new things.

Our story

Our first meeting was through work and overtime ours grew into a friendship. After a few years, our paths parted, but we were reunited by pregnancy and preparation for the role of a mother. We both became moms for the first time in our later 30s, a few months apart. Pregnancy has allowed us to spend more time together, sharing experiences and tips, and we have found that we share some common ideas and interests. Although we stopped working together, we were connected by a common experience, the experiences of other mothers and the desire to help us and all future mothers in one of the most important and beautiful moments in life, the birth of a child. At the end of 2020, we finally decided to start our own company and start a joint adventure.

Our products

According to our and other experiences, pregnant women think the most about childbirth. Hoping that everything goes well and that you are better prepared for that moment, you try to gather the experiences of others and hear as many stories as possible about what to expect during childbirth, or you may be the type of person who does not want to listen to other stories. But at some point, whether you like it or not, you often end up sharing your experiences and problems you encountered during childbirth with other mothers … and that’s where our idea and desire to help future moms came from.

We want to offer specialized nightgowns of the highest quality, made in Croatia, comfortable and elegant design, acceptable to all age groups of women. A nightgown that will ensure that mothers feel comfortable and protected from views during the examination and childbirth.

The special feature of the nightgowns is their functional design and a quality material made of 100% cotton, which provides maximum comfort to pregnant women. The nightgown has a slit along the entire back that allows doctors easy access during all examinations and when introducing an epidural in a dignified manner, while slits on the front allow easier breastfeeding and first contact with the baby after birth. In addition to the slits on the front, there are large pockets that will allow pregnant women to have with them at all times some important things and little things (such as water, cell phones, hair bands … etc.) that we know are important to them in moments when they do not have support at birth or someone who will be available to them at any time during the birth, and we know that it can take hours.