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Hospital bag Checklist for Mom and Baby

Delivery preparation

Your due date is approaching, and it’s time to pack your hospital bag. Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas.

When to Pack Your Hospital Bag

You should have your hospital bag ready to go by 36 weeks or 37 weeks pregnant, just in case you go into labor before your due date.

It’s fine to throw some items in at the last minute, like your toothbrush, but you’ll want your bag mostly packed and easily accessible by this point in your pregnancy.

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

Delivery gown. You should have your delivery gown with you. The plus is if gown has breastfeeding opening because it is easier to put baby on your breast after birthing. Our Nesting delivery gowns have everything- breastfeeding and epidural opening.

Comfortable clothes. Comfy clothes are a must postpartum. Avoid anything too restrictive (other than a supportive bra) and keep in mind a few options in case of a C-section. If you plan on breastfeeding after delivery, pack a nursing bra and nursing gown. Pair your tank top with a soft, loose pant like joggers or lightweight sleep pants. Another option is packing a nursing-friendly pajama set or nightgown. Postpartum leggings can also be comfy. For footwear, slipper socks are great for keeping cozy and flip-flops. Your feet might be swollen from IV fluids, so you’ll be thankful for shoes you can easily slip on.

A robe. A comfortable robe is one of the best postpartum clothing items out there. It’s useful if you have a vaginal delivery or a C-section.

Toiletries. Don’t forget these! You’ll want your hairbrush, regular or dry shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, lip balm, extra hair ties and face wipes. Remember extra contacts and/or glasses, if you wear them.

Cell phone charger. you’ll want a fully charged phone for all the pictures you are about to take of your new baby and for video chatting with excited friends and family.

Snacks and drinks. Pack a reusable water bottle and, if you want something more than water, an electrolyte drink. You’ll also want some easy-to-eat snacks, like bars, pretzels, dried fruit etc.

Bath towel. As it turns out, hospital towels are the exact opposite of luxurious hotel towels—thin, scratchy and entirely too small. You may find yourself happy that you brought a towel from home for your first post-delivery shower.

Nipple cream. If you’re planning to breastfeed, your nipples will appreciate you being so proactive.

Adult diapers and fishnet underwear.

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag for Baby

After your hospital bag has everything for you, then move on to the essentials for baby.

A car seat. If you’re driving home, this is non-negotiable—they won’t let you take your baby home from the hospital without a car seat, and it should be already installed.

A going-home outfit. Pack two different outfits in different sizes because you don’t know how big or small your baby will be! Aim for one outfit in newborn size and one 0-3 months. Don’t forget hats and/or socks, if weather-appropriate.

Baby blanket and newborn cap. Nesting has baby blanket and cap made from soft cotton, ideal for newborns.