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Angela maternity gown


  • 100% Cotton
  • Easy breastfeeding access and skin-to-skin contact with baby
  • Functional design with a modular belt that can be adjusted to the width of the weist
  • Oeko-Tex standard 100 certificate
  • Made in Croatia
Choosing the right size could not be easier. Just look at the table below, what size clothes you had before pregnancy, and you will find the size of the nightgown that suits you. For example, if you wore the number 40 before pregnancy, then your nightgown size is L / XL.
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The nesting nightgown is made of very comfortable and high-quality 100% cotton, comfortable to wear in the warmer summer months. If you want comfort, functionality, but also a modern look, then this nightgown is just for you. Due to its cut, the nightgown is ideal for wearing throughout pregnancy due to the possibility of adjusting the waist width as the child grows, but also after birth for breastfeeding. On the front, there are buttons that will make it easier for pregnant women to put the baby on the mother’s chest immediately after giving birth and make the first contact with the baby, and later it will make it easier for mothers to prepare for breastfeeding as quickly as possible, whether at night or during the day. The model of the nightgown is made in two pieces for maximum comfort during pregnancy, childbirth, and after childbirth.