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Sara 3 in 1 maternity gown sleeveless: S/M


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If you want comfort, functionality, protection from view during the examination, to feel good in your skin and still have a little control in your hands during childbirth, but also a modern look, then this nightgown has just been created for you.Nesting nightgown is sewn from very comfortable and high quality 100% cotton, comfortable to wear on warmer days or heated rooms such as in hospitals. With its cut, the nightgown is ideal to wear through the pregnancy due to the possibility of adjusting the width of the waist as the child grows, but also after childbirth for breastfeeding.The main feature of the nightgown is its functional and modular cut that provides pregnant women with comfort fit and convenience during childbirth but with very modern design. On the front there is a flap that allows doctors easier access for examinations, and on the back of the nightgown along the entire back, there are buttons that allow the introduction of an epidural without undressing, while on the boths sides there are two pockets that will allow pregnant women to have all the time by their side some important things such as (cell phones, water, hair bands, handkerchiefs…. which is very practical in moments when no one can be around you or are not allowed to have an escort during childbirth.On both sides of the shoulder straps there are two buttons that will make it easier for pregnant women to put the baby on the mother’s breast and make the first contact with the baby immediately after birth, and later it will make it easier for mothers to prepare for breastfeeding at night or day.The nightgown model was made in double numbers for maximum comfort during pregnancy, childbirth, but also after childbirth.